Fjell Peru

South America

Norwegian Lutheran Mission has been working in Peru and Bolivia since 1978. Today, most of our work in the region is focussed on leadership and Bible training.

Peru and Bolivia are two countries in South America. They both have a rich cultural history. The Inca empire had Peru as its central area, but also covered Bolivia.



Norwegian Lutheran Mission started working in southern Peru in 1978. As a direct result of this work, Iglesia Evangélica Luterano - Perú (IEL-P) was established in 1995.

Today, this church has around 30 established congregations spread across 5 zones in southern Peru. The main administration of the church is in Arequipa, while the bible school is in Juliaca. The church also owns and operates 4 elementary schools and some kindergartens.



Norwegian Lutheran Mission first began work in Bolivia in 1978. The national church ICEL (Iglesia Cristiana Evangelica Lùterana) was established in 1997 as a result.

ICEL has around 20 congregations spread across the country. In addition, they run the school Jesùs Maestro in Cochabamba, the bible school CLET in Sucre, the radio station "Vida Nueva" in Sucre, a boarding house for school kids in Tinguipaia and Acasio and the camp site "Buena Vista". The church also has their own youth activities, camp activities etc. ICEL's main office is in Cochabamba.


Mission in a "catholic country"

Peru is one of the countries of South America with the lowest number of evangelical christians, officially around 12 %. Catholic folk religion mixed with elements from traditional folk religion has a firm grip on many people, while both materialism and new religious movements are also becoming more influential.

Norwegian Lutheran Mission has been involved in various types of activities in Peru and Bolivia. Church building, bible schools and literature and radio production have long been the main focus of our work, but development work in areas such as health and farming has also been important.



In South America, Norwegian Lutheran Mission has chosen to focus especially on Bible teaching and pastoral guidance. Through the education provided at the bible school CLET and the theological seminary SETELA, we wish to contribute actively for many more years.

At the same time, Norwegian Lutheran Mission wishes to support outreach work in new regions and assist the curches in various parts of their work, especially in the areas of youth work and discipleship training.

SETELA is located in Arequipa and offers a three year course in theology. Norwegian Lutheran Mission owns the school, which educates future church leaders from Equador, Bolivia and Peru.