Mongolsk by med ger


Norwegian Lutheran Mission began working in Mongolia in 1994. Only around 2 % of the Mongolian population are Christian believers. Among other things, we are working to reach an unreached people group with the Gospel.

Mongolia is a landbound country bordered by Russia in the north, and China in the south, east and west. Mongolia measures 1 564 116 m2, making it the 19th biggest country in the world. The population is just over 3 million.


Rights awareness

Today, Norwegian Lutheran Mission primarily work to improve living conditions for, and strengthen the rights of, children from nomadic families and children with disabilities.

We work closely with the Mongolian authorities, and in our approach, we emphasise awareness campaigns and training.


Church growth

Our evangelical work has also born fruits. Bible groups started by our first missionaries in Ulaanbaatar and Darkhan have today grown into independent churches.

In 2017, these lutheran churches joined with other lutheran churches in Mongolia to form "Mongolian Evangelical Lutheran Church" (MELC).


Forward together

Today, Norwegian Lutheran Mission contributes financially towards the education of Christian leaders, social work and the development of Christian literature.

We are also working with MELC to reach an unreached people group in the country with the gospel.