Båter Indonesia


Norwegian Lutheran Mission has been working in Indonesia since 1975. Our main focus has been on strengthening local Christians and motivating them for local mission. We also have several development projects, as well as strategic business ventures.

The Indonesian Republic is a country consisting of 17 508 islands in Southeast Asia, located between Australia and the asian continent. more than 200 of Indonesia's 240 million inhabitants are considered to be muslims. The island of Sumatra alone, where Norwegian Lutheran Mission's field office is located, is assumed to be the home of 49 unreached people groups.

In 2007, Norwegian Lutheran Mission decided on a new long-term strategy for our work in Indonesia. We will maintain the relationships with old partners, and we still wish to see an even stronger and more resourceful local church. But new opportunities have also arisen, and we have established local organisations consisting of both national workers and our own missionaries.


Strengthening local communities

Our development arm works in impoverished local communities, focusing on health, hygiene, agriculture, fishery and basic training in reading and writing. We work to mobilise local communities to recognise and make use of the resources they already have access to.

Through one-on-one conversations, group discussions and village meetings, we aim to encourage people to participate in creating positive change in their own local communities.