Hongkong gate

Greater China

Norwegian Lutheran Mission began work in China in 1981, as our first mission field. Since then, both the region and our work have seen great changes. Today, our "Greater China" field includes China including Hong Kong and Macau, and Taiwan.

Mission work among the Chinese has always been a priority for Norwegian Lutheran Mission. Our missionaries took part in extensive and wide-ranging mission activities for many years, and after the revolution of 1949, our work among the Chinese continued in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

Today, our work in this region has reached a phase where established national churches have taken over, and our remaining staff are playing a supporting role.


Change in conditions and activities

The situation in China has changed dramatically in recent years. Norwegian Lutheran Mission is actively working to find the best and most relevant areas in which to work within the conditions and regulations that exist in the country today.

We are involved in various strategic activities in the different parts of the Greater China region, and we still see many opportunities for cooperation and support.


Supporting and inspiring

In our work among the Chinese people, our main objective is to support and inspire our Chinese brothers and sisters in Christ, so that together, we can reach even more people in this great region with the Word of God.